Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gamestop Commercial

Here are two characters that I whipped out in a day for a Gamestop commercial.

It aired on G4 recently. The client wanted something remenicient of Unreal Tournament.


Julia Lundman Midlock said...

chris grun, hardest working man in showbusiness. :)

these look cool, chris! nice work as always.


Mark Castanon said...

Hey Chris, these are great! Hows it going? I heard your working at Rhythm and Hughes,, you must be kicking arrrrrrrrse over there. I hope to see stuff you've done sometime. Take it easy man, don't make your co-workers look to bad!

Craig Mackay said...

Man, uber-cool lizard man! Good stuff here. Hope all is well.

abeoh! said...

niice work man!

Hao Wu said...

hey cris long time no see. how v u been. did u graduated already? nice blog dood. =D keep in touch.