Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wolfman 10/06

There are some anatomy problems but this was from a long meeting so it's a little more finished than usual. I'm art directing on wolfman so I've wolves on the brain lately.

meeting sketch 10/06

Rough color sketch off of a random meeting sketch.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mummy 3 artwork 06

One of the final iterations of the dragon design. We went through many....

Mummy 3 artwork 05

I painted a lot of fur concepts to try to get the right balance of fur over anatomy. This was about midway through the process.

Mummy 3 artwork 04

We had to really detail out the skin underneath the fur so it would come through in the renders.

Mummy 3 artwork 03

This was an earlier incarnation of the Dragon design. I made expression sheets based on jet li's face.

Mummy 3 artwork 02

Some more concept art from mummy 3. Trying to see how molten bronze would animate on a running horse. We went through many ideas/versions.

Mummy 3 artwork 01

A set of facial expressions I created for the animators to draw from.