Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wolfman 10/06

There are some anatomy problems but this was from a long meeting so it's a little more finished than usual. I'm art directing on wolfman so I've wolves on the brain lately.


Thomas said...

Holy Snap man, it's Chris!

Haven't talked to you in ages. How's life treating you? I finally went ahead and done graduatems.

Cool to see you having worked on the third Mummy, man. That's some cool ass work you got posted up here.

Keep up the greatness!

angelmenace said...

Thanks for the help today!

Boris Villanyi said...

Interesting art! Good ambient with the work of pencil, i think it's a good way!

I send you all the best man!


Craig Mackay said...

Fun stuff, Chris! Keep posting!

Adrian Paladini said...

Hi Chris I have a blog now:)

I know this is older but nice job for just a doodle. I heard you are back doing some concept at work now, I wish I could see some of that stuff.